X1 All Purpose Enzyme Cleaner


Jack Logun’s X1 All Purpose Enzyme Cleaner

The JACK LOGUN’S Enzyme Power Cleaner is an all natural Environment Friendly and safe all purpose cleaner that removes dirt, grease, grime, mildew, moss, algae, oil, tar, calcium buildup, lime and fungus. It will also remove stains and odors from coffee, fruit juice, sweat, nicotine and all types of dirt deposits or odors.

The Enzyme Power Cleaner is foam free and leaves no deposits and dissolves biologically 100%. The substance is based on the natural power of enzymes and does not contain harmful substances. The Enzyme Power Cleaner dissolves any dirt completely and is so versatile that it could replace all other cleaning products. You need only to buy the JACK

LOGUN’S Enzyme Power Cleaner instead of several types of cleaners saving you money space and time.

What is Enzyme? There are 2,500 different types of enzymes worldwide and they are necessary to sustain life as we know it. Enzymes are present in the human body to digest food and get it ready for further processing. This same process happens when enzyme is used for all kinds of cleaning jobs. Even stubborn old stains and unwanted deposits that have dried and set can be removed using The Enzyme Power Cleaner by soaking the stain in the solution for approximately 20 minutes to 24 hours. Then simply rinse or wipe the area with clear water.

If the item is a textile or fabric wash the item in a washing machine cycle and rinse cycle.

Jack Logun X1

What can you clean with the Enzyme Power Cleaner?

– Kitchen, Bath, Toilets, Wash machines or Drains

– Balcony, Terrace, Roofs, Walkways, Walls

– Dishes, Pots, Pans, Ovens, Grills or Mirrors

– Laundry, Clothing, Textiles

– Cars, Campers, Boats, Plastics, Leather

– Wooden Tile or Ceramic Floors and Carpets

– Wallpaper, Doors, Windows, Stairs and Railings

– Glass, Steel, Plaster, Walls, Brick, Wood, Crevasses

– Curtains, Mattresses and Pillows

– Rims, Garden Furniture and Garbage Cans

– Litter Boxes, Bird Cages, Aquariums, Ponds

– Plants

– Also removes all unpleasant odors from kitchens such as fish or nicotine smoke and sweat.

– Also used by Gas Stations and Mechanics to remove tire marks, oil and grease stains in their workshops. The Enzyme Power

Cleaner is also used in Industrial areas such as Hotels and Restaurant Kitchens.


X1 Enzyme Cleaner

How is Enzyme Power?

The Enzyme Power Cleaner is a granular powder and is always dissolved in water. Dissolving the Enzyme Power Cleaner is most effective when dissolved in hot water (86-140 degrees Fahrenheit). However depending on what has to be cleaned the Enzyme Power Cleaner granular powder can be added directly in Cleaner used powder form into the sink when washing pots and pans or directly into the wash machine when doing laundry fabrics or textiles. The Enzyme Power Cleaner can also be added into a spray bottle filled with hot water. Dosages and mixing instructions are listed below.

The Price advantage of using Enzyme Power Cleaner

The Enzyme Power Cleaner is very economical to use. Only 2 grams = 1⁄4 tsp of granular powder gives you 1Liter of an all-purpose powerful cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs. Only 1Kg/2.2pounds = 1000 grams of granular powder allows you to create cleaning solution.

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The Advantages of using the Enzyme Power Cleaner

The JACK LOGUN’S Enzyme Power Cleaner is a special biochemical Zymbiose organism mixture. This mixture makes it possible to achieve the ultimate in cleaning power. This mixture does not only clean it also destroys bacteria and harmful substances; which are all around us in this day and age. The average cleaning products sold on the market today cannot properly clean your home as well or as successfully as our JACK LOGUN’S Enzyme Power Cleaner can. The Enzyme Power Cleaner is activated when mixed with warm-hot water best results when mixed with 54 – 140 degree Fahrenheit of water temperature. Once the Enzyme Power Cleaner dissolves into the water and placed in spraying bottles; the mixture – cleaning solution can remain active for approximately 1 week. It is best to mix the solution for immediate use for all your cleaning jobs for the immediate 3-day usage. If cleaning solution is to be used outside; make sure the temperature is at least 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The Enzyme Power Cleaner will save you energy. The enzymes become active in warm water 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to use the energy saver programs on your washing machine and dish washing machines. The Enzyme Power Cleaner does all the work for you. No more scrubbing; simply spray the cleaning area and allow the cleaner to soak into the area for approximately 5 – 20 minutes then simply rinse or wipe the area clean. For severe stains you should allow the cleaner to soak for up to 24 hours and possible repeat the process if necessary. There is also a benefit when discarding used or leftover mixed – cleaning solution into your drains (i.e. sink, bathtub, shower, toilet drain pipes). Because this mixed solution when discarded does not go to waste it cleans your pipes and removes odors that accumulate over time. Since the Enzyme Power Cleaner is a living organism and comes from nature it therefore has no harsh chemicals; it is safe and environmentally friendly when discarding the cleaning solution into your drainpipes. Of course even though this mixture has no harsh chemicals and the Enzyme Power Cleaner comes from nature it still should not be eaten, swallowed or used on your body. Therefore; keep away from children. The concentration of the Enzyme Power Cleaner is too strong for human consumption but safe to use for all household or workplace cleaning jobs. For proper use you should read directions carefully and follow dosage instructions for all various types of cleaning jobs.


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